Aother day. Another Bus journey

Lichfield to Stafford


Service 825

Flying solo for the RNIB Campaign


Today one of the hottest of the year I chose to fly “solo” as part of the RNIB “stop for me, Speak to me” Campaign.

 I took a local train to Lichfield from my home  a short 15 minute trip that is almost 45 minutes on a bus, and for once time was precious , so that’s my excuse.

 I arrived in Lichfield, left the station crossed the main road and I was literally in what passes for a bus station in Lichfield, it resembles a very large lay by on the side of the road to me.

 There was no help readily available (bus company employees) so I asked another person, ok so its not what’s in the rules but needs must etc.

I waited about five minutes when a bus arrived at the stop I was standing at, after the passengers alighted I boarded the bus ad was greeted with a very cheery “Good Morning, this is the 825 all stops to Stafford)

I thanked the driver and flashed my pass and was asked to scan it, finding the scanner with some guidance from the driver.

I was also asked “Do you know where to get off or are you being met?” I responded by saying, “I need Stafford Train Station please, if you could let me know, when we reach that stop

 So off we set working our way through what I recall from my sighted days are pretty villages and nice country roads, inter-dispersed with short lengths of dual carriage way.

The ride was smooth, the bus emptied and filled it seemed most used the route for short trips,  it was also noticeable that the driver knew a lot of his passengers by name.

We passed through Armitage,, Rugley, Springfields,,Wolselye Bridge and so on into Stafford.

 The journey was pleasant, comfortable and amazingly stress free as I was encountering a totally new route, new bus company and so on, although I travel to Stafford often for meetings and usually arrive and leave by main line train which is very fast and comfortable,

 I could tell from the buzz on the bus that after almost 60 minutes of travel we were approaching Stafford, the build up in traffic, the increase in stop start events due tpo crossings and traffic light controlled junctions was a give away.

 I knew that the train station wasn’t far from the bus station if I wasn’t warned of my requested stop, but I need not have worried, as the bus stopped a couple of people left the service and the driver then called back to me saying, “This is Stafford railway station mate”, he was calm didn’t hurry me and he ensured that not only did I leave the bus safely ( he had when I boarded waited for me to sit down before moving) he ensure I knew where the entrance to the station was and offered to get me assistance if I wanted it, an offer I refused as I know the station well, but I made sure I thanked him for all of his help.

 It was a nice ride there was no hassle in using my free bus pass, nothing but praise for this driver and this service.

 RNIB stop for me speak to me details can be found at





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