Hate or Mate crime the Police dont want to know?

Hate or Mate Crime?


When hate crime was first discussed it was always it would seem associated with racial crimes.

The disabled, the elderly the vulnerable have or are subjected to all forms of abuse from the minor jostling, to stealing their benefits on pay day, physically or mentally abusing them etc.


Isnt it a little surprising then when you contact6 your local Police Force to speak to some one on the “hate Crime Unit” to be asked “Whats That?” or to be told “We don’t have one of them”


So just how seriously is your local Police force, your Police & Crime Commissioner taking what is now often referred to as “Mate crime” as well as “Hate crime”


These specialist units are as important to the public and for the public security as say the specialist Child Protection or serious sexual crimes units.


Todays challenge is, Does your Force have a hate crimes unit? If not how do they record Hate crime or would they rather not report it and hope it will go away.


Too many people are hurt or take their own lives due to Hate crime and bullying so lets start to ask the PCC and the Chief Constable about what their perceptions are? How is it recorded and reported? Its time we forced this issue and stepped them getting away with it                           


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