Hoisted by ones own Petard? Lies, Dammed Lies and IDS speak?

Hoisted by ones own Petard?

Lies, Dammed Lies and IDS speak?

 This government is it would appear very accident prone, finds it easy to slip on banana skins it discarded itself.

 Recently we have Ian Duncan-Smith (IDS) refusing to take a move in the reshuffle claiming he wanted to stay and implement all of the “improvements” he has designed and overseen within the department to the UK Benefits System.

 This might on the surface appear very “Nobel” very “Dignified” but look past the gloss the shine, look deeper and perhaps he was more afraid that his lies and rhetoric would expose how his changes are based upon at best shaky information or at worst bent to suit his ideological needs, all of which puts the “dodgy dossier” of Teflon Tony, that took us to WAR, into the shade.

 So Lets look at the validity of IDS and his words


IDS started some two years ago using a Mantra claiming that there were within numerous families across the UK generations of people who had never worked, admittedly he softened this slightly when challenged by I think Paxo on news Night (BBC2)  but of late he has lead a charge, a full press by his own departmental Ministers, Misters form other departments supported by the Chancellor and The Prime Minister.

I asked under the FOI for clarification, I asked how many such families had been identified and which counties of the UK did they resided in?.

I waited, the 20 working days passed and after some prompting the DWP submitted a late response without an apology for the delay.

It denied my request on the grounds that such information was not readily to hand and would cost too much to assemble.

But IF Ministers had been and continue to make statements based upon information, after all they would not lie to either the people or parliament, would they? Where did the information come from?

Well I can reveal its extracted from apiece of research carried out by a think talk at Bristol University. The full document can be found here.


It should also be noted that the author is most unhappy at the misuse of the report by HMG and here is the blog expressing that displeasure & setting the record straight.


Thee is also a link to a Guardian Article that also questions IDS etc


It is worth noting that the report by Dr Lindsey Macmillan and Paul Gregg Was written to dispel the Myth of worthlessness, to show that the THREE main data sources in the UK showed the figured to be miniscule IE less than 2% or less than 1% of households but does admit that there could within the 180,000 households some inter-generational worklessness but its not recorded.

So we know yet again IDS bases his “facts” on what he thinks, not what he knows or can prove!! So now we know that IDS and his fellow Ministers have and continue to at best mislead, at worst LIE both to parliament and the PUBLIC over their worklessness claims, claims made without any factual base, factual knowledge or evidence.. They can’t even get research right and use data without distorting and bastardizing it.

Question 2

IDS launched a full broadside attack, with support from Junior Ministers, loyal MP’s asking planted questions in the house on the Housing benefit scheme, using such outrageous claims to dismantle the system, attack the poorest and most needy families in out society.

Make no mistake the FOI clearly leaves no doubt that this assault was an ideological attack it had nothing to do with reforms, it was about forcing people off benefits, may of which are claimed to supplement poor basic wages paid by large multinationals and other employers.

IDS has and continues to state “ It cannot be right that we have families claiming more than £100,000 pa in housing benefit, living in the best houses in the area when other working people cannot afford to buy or even rent decent housing”

A statement clearly part of their plan to turn people in on themselves, to get one section of society attacking another based on a headline or article in the daily mail or Express.

Articles that never tell you what’ early is wrong with it, only who to blame for it.

SO IDS launched his attack supported again by junior ministers the Chancellor and other Cabinet members not to mention the Prime Minister based upon what numbers , what had the evidence to justify what amounted to a nuclear attack on the housing benefit system found?

Well given the ferocity of the attack you might think that there are hundreds if not thousands of such claimants spread across the country.

In reality the number is wait for this earth shattering news…………………………………………………………………………………..The NUMBER is

                                           10 (ten)

the same as the number on the Prime Ministers front door.


I am sure that you will not be surprised to learn that these


families live in CENTRAL LONDON.

Yet again the FOI has exposed the lies and deception practiced by Mr Cameron and his Ministers, they have no shame, they have ethical or moral or other mandate to make such attacks on the people of the UK.

For now we can expose them, ask other MP’s to question and challenge them in the House, and remind them that 2015 they have to face the electorate, they have to attempt to convince us the people that they have acted morally, ethically and in the interests of all citizens.

That will be an Oscar winning performance and should they actually succeed, it will be a tragedy for the people of the UK.

Blindmike 47




This is the text of the DWP FOI response, the original is available upon request.

Dear Mike Hughes,

Freedom of Information ref: 2012-4356

Thank you for your Freedom of Information request received on 05th November 2012.

You asked:

On the Andrew Marr show Sunday 4th November the Minister Mr Ian Duncan-Smith said

1. There are two and three generations within families that have never worked,

How many such families are there in the UK and which county or geographical region are they in?

2. he also said

“when we came to power we were paying more than £100,000 pa in housing benefit to families in London,

How many families were there in central London, Outer London, and in other regions of the UK?

In response to question 1 of your request;

Specific information on the number of families where two and three generations have never worked is not readily available. We estimate that the cost of researching this piece of information for would exceed the appropriate limit of £600. The appropriate limit has been specified in regulations and for central Government it is set at £600.

This represents the estimated cost of one person spending 3½ working days in determining whether the Department holds the information, and locating, retrieving and extracting the information. Under section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act the Department is not obliged to comply with this part of your request and we will not be processing this further.

However a research report was produced by the University of Bristol in 2011 looking at this issue. This reports that there are pockets in Britain where there are two and three generations of families who are unemployed. This report can be found here:



In response to question 2 of your request;

The following table shows the number of housing benefit recipients with a recorded weekly award of £1,917 or more a week, from November 2008 and August 2012. This would be the equivalent of more than £100,000 a year if they remained on this amount continuously for a year.

Payment information is sourced from the administering local authority once a decision has been made on amount of Housing Benefit awarded. The decision is based on details entered on the Housing Benefit claim form and supporting evidence.

It is possible that errors can occur in the recording of weekly award (both on a form and inputting onto a computer system within the local authority that is processing the claim).

In particular, it is possible that, for some claimant records, the monthly award may be recorded instead of the weekly award. Therefore, care should be taken when looking at high weekly award bands.

Housing Benefit Recipients with a recorded weekly award of £1,917 or more, November 2008 – August 2012 Total

Central London

Greater London

Rest of GB



























Source: Single Housing Benefit Extract 100% individual level data (SHBE)


1. Recipients are at the second Thursday of the month.

2. Components may not sum to total due to independent rounding.

3. Figures are rounded to the nearest 10.

4. ‘-‘denotes nil or negligible

5. SHBE is a monthly electronic scan of claimant level data direct from local authority computer systems. The data is available monthly from November 2008 and August 2012 is the latest available.

Methodology: Data is collected on a monthly basis and released as the Single Housing Benefit Extract 100% level data (SHBE). This provides the weekly housing benefit amount for each individual household. The annualised amounts are then calculated by multiplying by 52.18.

Information on individual level weekly benefit amounts prior to November 2008 is not held by the Department.

If you have any queries about this letter please contact us quoting the reference number above.

Yours sincerely


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