A New Sport Attack the Blind Person!



A New Sport

Attack the Blind Person!


This blog was intended to be about the blindmice “rampage” to and through London, our exploits in navigating the capital, eating & drinking, the royal Albert Hall, ( Yolanda Brown) Wineopolus in Southwark, etc.

Sadly events have over taken us.


On Monday 19th November 2012 theblindmice were in Birmingham at the now famous Frankfurt Christmas Market which recently opened for its 12th year, and every year it gets bigger & bigger.

We had a great time exploring the market & reporting for the Birmingham talking Newspaper.


Late in the day we retired to our “local” when we are in the city centre, they staff know us and take excellent care of us.


I went home on an early train and Paul stayed to dine at the pub to avoid the rush he planned to take a later train.

He went to the quieter entrance of new Street Station a little after 730pm so there were still loads of people about due tot eh Market and it being the end of rush hour.

Paul was befriend by a man who sought information from station staff and calmly escorted Paul to the right platform and found him a seat, advised him how long he had to wait for his train, the guy the Mugged / Robbed him and ran off.

Paul was he says “lucky” he was shocked but unhurt and the transport & local police together with station staff who he says were superb.


What surprised me was when I posted this event to face book (mike Hughes) I was surprised by how many other disabled and yes BLIND people who had been robbed in such a manner.

Today I “read” of an elderly” Blind” who was infact partially sighted” who was mugged and died from her injuries in the attack.




The fact that TWO young School boys, YOUNG teenagers who are still in the eyes of the law CHILDREN, have been arrested seems not to be shocking. The event has, however, brought out even more blind people who say things like


when i was mugged first i knew of it was when i was punched in the face. completely destroyed my self confidence


These sorts of attacks seem to be on the increase which is really worrying. I agree, what are schools and parents teaching these kids? My nieces and nephews would never do anything like that as they have all been brought up to respect and help others. Its easy to let something like this affect your confidence. I got attached a few years back when i was still living in London and it really knocked my confidence. But thanks to good friends and family it didn’t take long to get back out and about again and I wasn’t going to let that lowlife scumbag win.


I am by comparison to many only “recently” blind and now realize that I am far too trusting, far to relaxed when I am out and about.

Yes I admit it, I go out & about, I attend meetings championing the cause of the disabled and especially the blind, I go to the theatre, I have even been known to go shopping, but now there is a “hunting” season, an open season on the BLIND, I will have to be more cautious, perhaps carry a pepper spray like the ones my daughters have in their handbags, but even though It seems that I have a target on my back, I will not become a recluse, I will not stop going out, and offer fair warning to potential muggers, If I get only half a chance I will fight back so wear a cricket box type protection before attacking me.



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