Margaret, David & Ian a Legacy of Lies & Deciet

Margaret, David and Ian

A letter to the PM

(A Legacy of Betrayal & Lies)

David the caption says it all, this is what we think of you & your government!

Dear David

When your hero Margaret, Lady Thatcher, came to power and entered Downing Street, she paused, in a very planned and calculated way, and in her own way started a precedent when  she quoted St Francis of Assai.

David you broke with tradition and adopted a mantra that senior party members, grandee’s and the “plebs” of the party adopted it was elegant, catchy, concise and said so much

“We will protect the weak, the elderly, the disabled, and the most vulnerable in our society!

What a shame these words were in fact nothing short of a sales pitch, a marketing ploy to capture votes and offer false hope to so many. What a pity that once in office these words , whilst still being chanted, were infect being destroyed by both the Chancellor and you smiling assign Mr Ian Duncan Smith.

Whilst in opposition IDS had done what was widely recognised to be some important and groundbreaking work on the linkage between poverty, benefits and employment. What a shame that once elected that work was shelved and open warfare declared on the disabled, the elderly the most vulnerable in society!

Ian the architect of dismantling the benefit system famously once said “Beware the quiet man” a reference to himself and the label that the press had given him.

He has and probably never will speak a truer word.

Your man Ian is a consummate communicator and is adept at ensuring he says one thing and means another, that he can with seemingly impunity mislead, misdirect, misuse facts, whilst merging fact and fiction.

Ian has , it is worth others noting, for example when giving evidence to the Commons select committee he uses phrases such as,” I understand, I believe, it is my impression etc,” never committing, always leaving wiggle room stating what he knows or suspects to be untrue yet never laying himself open to a charge of misleading parliament. We all know you can commit even the most hennas of crimes so long as one doesn’t not knowingly or wilfully mislead Parliament, in plain words LIE to Parliament.

Ian, other members of the DWP team and other MP’s regularly appear on TV and radio programs where misleading, untrue and controversial statements are made and are allowed to go unchallenged or uncorrected as it suits the party line, one such “fact” often repeated and mow firmly fixed into the public mind thanks to spin is “50% of benefit claims are false or fraudulent” whilst the real figure according to YOUR stats is 0.8%.

Another outrageous LIE that was perpetrated on the public from the lips of Ian was “There are generations of the same family that have never worked, that have always lived off the state, scrounged etc” yet when challenged Ian, his team, the Government were unable to produce the high numbers they had claimed, in fact the TRUTH is that you couldn’t produce a single real, accurate example.

On Monday 8th October 2012 Ian, never one to allow truth & fact to intrude upon or get in the way of a good speech, gave his address to the party conference. As speech that was long on rhetoric, short on fact, a speech stuffed full of allegations, innuendo. It alluded too much and yet offered No supporting statistics, facts or substance that anyone seeking truth and honesty could verify. It’s only a matter of time before that speech is exposed for the empty, hollow LIE it was and the LIES it contained.

The country is in serious trouble, we need a serious, honest leader, a leader with integrity, a leader who genuinely believes in and understands the word COMPASSION.

David you are about to be a one term PM, that the Tories treachery and betrayal of the very people it vowed to nature and protect, will ensure that the Tories will be in opposition for a generation, and all this on your watch,.

Legacy is much used word of late and yours will be a Legacy of LIES and BETRAYAL a legacy of destroying not improving the very things that make Great Britain Great?


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