Disabled United

 Disabled United

(will never be defeated)

 That could be a chant heard on any of the increasing numbers of “demonstrations or rallies” after all one mans demo is another mans rally!

At the age of 62 and having lost my sight / been registered blind some 18 months before I found myself on my first ever “rally” in London, it was the Hardest Hit one where all groups of disabled came together to lobby MP’s re what the Government was doing & planned to do with regards to benefits and how that effected the disabled.

Shortly before that rally, I had also realised I had been suffering from another terrible disease, for over 40 years “Torysupporteritus” which in mitigation I caught due to the extreme left hijacking the labour or socialist movement, so I was then a Tory with a conscience.

I had a poster made, one that depicted Cameron wearing a crown ( as supplied by Burger Kink ®,  With the words “The King of Broken Promises”, that picture went around the world ( shown here in the Guardian) http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/joepublic/2011/may/11/disabled-people-hardest-hit-march-in-london ) Even though others (Clegg & Alexander) could and should wear this crown, the fact is that whilst we have won some battles we have NOT won the war; the DWP is pressing on regardless with its reforms and so called improvements whilst the disabled continue to fund the Bankers bailout in our unjust and unfair society.

On a daily basis we are lead and inspired by disabled people not the Paralympians but what are described as “ordinary disabled people” a group of leaders that by the power of their words, their deeds have emerged as powerful leaders within the disabled community and who with there supports use social media to educate and in some cases terrify Ministers, as well as alerting the “press” to the real issues of the day which do NOT include the publishing of pictures depicting Kate’s tits.

There are people who are inspirational and who have large followings such as benefit scrounging scum (@bendygirl) Diary of a benefit scrounger (@suey2y) are ones we know of but there are others who do so much like Kyron Hodgetts  ‏(@poutingpou)  or Éoin Clarke@DrEoinClarke both of whom are driving the NHS debate and for me there is another who is inspirational and who’s blog should reach a wider audience Welsh Wallace (@welshwallace) a lady who lost her sight and an arm in Iraq, suffered other long term injuries yet has gained a Masters Degree, amongst other notable achievements,however,she informs me that she prefers to be known as a pain in the butt!

We face an onslaught with regards to WCA assessments and its pleasing to at last see that Labour have acknowledge the error and that its not fit for purpose and are engaging with it.

That said we have PiP coming down the line we have reductions in rent & rate support and the Universal Credit making people who live hand to mouth and have health or other issues which make life a challenge now facing the prospect of less help under the IDS implementation and a stressful steep learning curve on how to manage not only their health and wellbeing but also money and economising to make the month fit the budget, something that employed people without issues often struggle to do.

It is now I would suggest that ALL disabled people, their families and supporters should be engaging, and becoming active, no matter how little one can or is able to do, every little helps build a larger stronger case to knock down the aggressive and dangerous policies of this government.

You will soon be hearing about the Disabled alliance and more Hardest hit rallies up and down the country, I suggest there is no debate if we can get to a rally its our duty to do so, the “few” can only do so much, its time for the silent majority to speak up and be heard



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