The Begining

The Blind Mice

(On the rampage)


The propose of this BLOG is to prove that BLIND people can have a life, it will in the main be fun, but we reserve the right to get political as we are passionate about protecting the welfare state, the NHS and doing what this Government promised to  do, “protect the elderly, the sick, the disabled,  and the disadvantage ”


Please meet Paul a 30 something congenitally blind from birth, well educated and articulate who (when he can get work) is a Broadcaster.

Mike, his partner in crime lost his sight suddenly some 4 years ago and was instantly scrapped off by the Government and has recently retired to his state pension.

This unlikely pair meet at an RNIB regional event when mike, some say foolishly, asked Paul “How do I get involved in this campaigning malarkey?”


Thus our friendship was born, it soon became clear that we had shared passions, in Food, real Ale, sport and a mutual desire to live rather than exist with our blindness.

Together and separately we travel and as often as possible we talk to and try to inspire the VI community to venture out, to risk the big wide world, and along the way we try to share some hostelries and other places we have found and enjoyed, all as they say, in the spirit of searching for information to share.

We have indulged in trips and have discovered places such as, The Victoria close to the Birmingham RNIB offices, Birmingham. The Station Sutton Coldfield, The Sun a titanic Brewery Pub in Stafford, The (Stafford), the Skinners Arms, Judd Street London (close to the RNIB offices), the qualifying criteria to receive our custom is simple, good staff, food, ale and atmosphere, not a lot to ask is it?

We intended to start this some time ago but were having such fun it was delayed, now its Autumn the nights are longer and colder, it seemed like a good time to start.

Over the summer we enjoyed Beer festivals, Cider festivals, Food festivals, at which we were made extremely welcome and armed with nothing more than our DLA and a discount rail card we are planning more adventures, which include Audio described theatre, jazz at the Royal Albert Hall, (Yolanda Brown) , Welsh national Opera, Birmingham Royal Ballet, a special wine tasting in London, visits to the NEC to name but a few.

We hope that we can share and that you will enjoy our trials and tribulations along the way and that it will encourage you irrespective of your disability to venture out in that big wide world that lays beyond your front door.

Mike can be found on twitter as @blindmike47


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